<Vyvan Pham>
Vyvan Pham: Résumé
height: 5' 4" hair: black
weight: 99 lbs eyes: brown

Raya and the Last Dragon Additional voices Disney
The Lion Guard Ullu Disney
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Julie Yamamoto Cartoon Network
Generator Rex Cricket Cartoon Network
Ben 10: Alien Force Julie Yamamoto Cartoon Network
Batman: The Brave and the Bold Katana Warner Brothers
Boston Public Student (SAG singer) Fox
The Glory, Part 1 Seul-gi Netflix
The Glory, Part 2 Secretary Netflix
Star Wars: Knights of the Fallen Empire Sana Rae EA / Bioware / Lucasarts
Star Wars: Old Republic Wraith EA / Bioware / Lucasarts
Zombies Monsters Robots Lady Ping Yingpei Games
End of Nations Orion Trion
Guild Wars 2 Valda Ncsoft
True Crime: Hong Kong Zhang Activision
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Mrs. Jones Cartoon Network
Dragon Age: Origins Orta EA / Bioware
Ben 10: Alien Force Ship Cartoon Network
Red Faction: Guerilla Anaya THQ
The Bourne Conspiracy French woman Viviendi / Universal
Spider-Man 3 Civilian Activision
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Yoko Retomoto Square Enix Europe
X-Men: The Official Game Lady Deathstrike Activision
Saints Row Third Street Saint THQ
Anne of Green Gables Josie Pye Oregon Childrens' Theatre
Steppenwolf West Auditioning for the Theatre  
Dee Cannon Acting Technique  
Debi Manwiller Auditioning for TV & Film  
Joey Paul Jensen Cold Reading Mastery (Intermediate)  

DANCE: Argentine tango, salsa, swing, foxtrot, waltz, ballet
LANGUAGES: Native English speaker, born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Have worked in Vietnamese (Kong: Skull Island, Scorpion, Homecoming), French (The Bourne Conspiracy), Japanese (Kane & Lynch), Cantonese (Push, Generator Rex).
ACCENTS, DIALECTS: American, general and Southern. English. Russian. Japanese. French (The Bourne Conspiracy). Mandarin (The Horsemen).
MUSIC: Voice, piano, guitar.
WEAPONS/DEFENSE: Beginner, archery (recurve), handgun (semi-automatic pistol & double-action revolver).